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Magnets Manufacturing Company Vietnam

Magnets Manufacturing Company Vietnam
Power Development Corporation is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of professional magnet to magnet such as NdFeB ( white Magnets ) , SmCo magnets , Alnico magnets , Ferrite magnets ( magnets black ) , rubber magnet ...

We have experienced professionals who studied magnetic materials , and have gained good reputation in this field , our products have won praise from customers in Vietnam ,

What we're most interested in and it's always to the best quality and most reasonable price .

We conduct strict quality control and regularly , to ensure that all product can meet quality requirements of customers

Our aim is to support clients trying to perform their goals . We sincerely welcome and is always willing to listen to your requirements .

Power Development Corporation offers magnet in the manufacturing sector :

Filters iron magnet production line fodder

Bar magnet in the factory ceramic , ceramic tiles ...

Alnico magnets in the food factory ,

Magnets in the disposal chain

Magnetic separation of iron chains quarrying

Flat Magnets

Magnet missile

Cylindrical magnet

Rubber Magnets

Flexible magnet

Fridge magnet

Round Magnets

Square magnet

Rectangular magnet

Magnet ring

Speaker Magnets

Magnets used for paper box packaging

Advertising Magnets

Magnets bags

Magnets in production capacity phone pouch

Magnets educational equipment

Magnets used to manufacture toys

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